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Motivational Moments

Perks of Membership

Being in the Order of Eastern Star is a priviledge.  Members have an opportunity to be a part of a network of members and can learn leadership skills, build upon and grow their knowledge of the Bible and participate in service projects to help others as well as watching over and bonding with other like minded members.  One of the fun aspects of the organization is the opportunity to travel and build friendships with members in other states.  
We recently attended Alabama's Grand Conclave and had an opportunity for several chapter members to meet other Sisters and Brothers and build those ties that bind us all together.  On May 2, 2014, 6 Sisters (WM Marcia Chandler, AM Jessica Davis, RM Jacque Dyer and Sisters Janet King, Cherie Hughes and Tameka Lamb) along with 3 brothers (WP Derrick Wallace, RP Bennie Giles and Bro. Lonnie Lucas) headed out of Little Rock in route to Huntsville, Alabama.  5 1/2 hours later, we were all at the Embassy Suites ready and prepared for several to meet some of our extended family for the the first time!  What a weekend of fun we had!
Congratulations to Sisters King, Hughes and Lamb and Brothers Wallace and Lucas on receiving their Amaranth Degree while there!
Several of our members had never traveled to another state for fellowshipping with other OES/Masons.  Proverbs 11:14 says "Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abunance of counselors there is safety." 
Our Brothers quickly attached themselves to Most Pussiant Sovereign Grand Commander James Smith and Grand Master Clayton Watson.  I could see the sparkle in their eyes as they learned information from 2 of the leaders of this Jurisdiction.  Our Worthy Patron came back to Little Rock more excited and focused on handling his responsibilities in our Chapter.  Our Royal Patron, a seasoned and knowledged Brother, came back with learned knowledge under his belt to share with his Brothers.  Most Ancient Grand Worthy Matron Garriett came to our table and had lunch with the Arkansas delegation and asked each member to introduce themself and tell a little about them.  One of her first statements was that she has a past, hasn't always made the best decisions but loves the Order and desires to work with all of the members in this jurisdiction to make it the best it can be.  What better way to inspire and build a bond with new members than to come and make them feel completely welcome and take an interest in their thoughts!  Matthew 20:25-27 tells us that whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant.  Every sister walked away from the table feeling proud to be a part, respecting the knowledge that was given and shared excitment in hosting her visit to Arkansas and building their proficiency and saving so that they are able to travel again.  
We also met several Sisters and Brothers that we now linked with on Facebook and can add to our list of friends. I have no doubt that should my travels ever take me to Huntsville, Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia, I've got an immediate dinner or lunch partner.  We often speak about this being a Sisterhood of Choice.  On the ride home, we were stuck on the freeway because of a wreck on I40 that Sunday evening.  As I was posting pictures and comments about our wait, my "new" Sisters posted messages asking if we were ok?  That's what the OES Network is all about!
"The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are."  C. S. Lewis

State of Alabama Conclave

  • Does my life emulate the characteristics of the Ideal Daughter, the Ideal Widow, the Ideal Wife, the Ideal Sister and the Ideal Mother?
  • What one thing do I need to work on to better me?
  • Was I a positive influence for my community today?

Bit of History:  Rob Morris, convinced that female relatives of Masons should be able to share in some of the benefits of Freemasonry, wrote the first OES ritual in 1849-50, while on his sickbed.  He carefully thought out the allegories of the characters, the design of the Chapter room and the officers and their positions on the floor.  His first ritual was titled The Rosary of the Eastern Star and contains much of the information still used in today's rituals. 


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