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Motivational Moments

Still As A Cat

Have you ever watched a cat hunt? They will stand in one position for long periods of time without making a sound or moving a whisker. Their focus is so intense that not the call of their name, the sound of another cat or the whistling wind will cause them to turn away from their goal. Once they believe their prey has stopped paying attention to them, they will move slowly, one p...aw at a time until they are close enough to pounce on the prey.

As I watched this smooth operation, I thought that that is exactly what God would have us do. When troubled, frightened, hurting, puzzled or worried he wants us to do the very same thing the psalm and hymn say. "Be still and know that I am God."

In this era, it sometimes seems that multi-tasking is an art taught to even the very young. Everyone is busy keeping busy. Sometimes, we kid ourselves into believing that we can fix anything when really God is opening doors, closing doors, opening windows, giving thoughts to act and putting action in place on our behalf everyday and all day!

No matter how busy our day is, we need to spend quiet time to focus on our healer, our deliverer, our provider, our banner, our redeemer.....God.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Be still...

  • Does my life emulate the characteristics of the Ideal Daughter, the Ideal Widow, the Ideal Wife, the Ideal Sister and the Ideal Mother?
  • What one thing do I need to work on to better me?
  • Was I a positive influence for my community today?

Bit of History:  Rob Morris, convinced that female relatives of Masons should be able to share in some of the benefits of Freemasonry, wrote the first OES ritual in 1849-50, while on his sickbed.  He carefully thought out the allegories of the characters, the design of the Chapter room and the officers and their positions on the floor.  His first ritual was titled The Rosary of the Eastern Star and contains much of the information still used in today's rituals. 


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